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Personal Training:

No matter the age, the target or the attitude, Personal Training is the only way to suit individual needs - competing for a race, getting fit or improving your game - and achieve your goal!
The Coach will design and plan the best Training Protocols, including a detailed periodization of the routines and handy nutritional advice.

Enquire for quotes and further info.
Cancellation policy of 24hrs applies.
Combat Sport Conditioning:

Whether you aspire to enter the Ring /Cage for the first time or already compete, the Ultimate Conditioning Coach provides Performance Enhancement Protocols and Support (PEPS) for Professional and Amateur Athletes/Teams in Combat Sports (Technical & Physical Conditioning, Mental Training and Game Strategies).

Bootcamps can involve General Conditioning, Kettlebells, K-1 kickboxing or Bootcamps.

Some Classes are already held weekly and you can join them simply contacting the Coach through the website.

If you wish to customize your own class at another time/ venue, it can be arranged, simply enquire in the Contact page.

*Booking is compulsory
Corporate Training:

Firms and Companies recognize the undoubted benefits related to healthy, fit and happy employees...

1. Low absenteism
2. Higher productivity
3. Longer Company loyalty
4. Improved Team spirit/performance
An impressive number are nowadays joining
Corporate Schemes.

If interested or need more info, do not hesitate to contact the Coach.
Seminars and Workshops:

The Coach is available for mentoring Gym Staff or Sport oriented audience on

» Kettlebells
» General Functional Training
» Ring Sports (boxing, kickboxing)
» Combat Sport Conditioning (MMA, K-1, BOXE).

» Health Clubs Staff technical development

» Set Up for home gyms to suit needs and space requirements.

» Business development strategies for New or ExistingLeisure/Sport related activities.